Our goal is that every eligible family would become self-sustaining and thrive.


One of our greatest joys is celebrating our graduates!

Here are pictures of many of our graduates as well as specific stories of their personal journey from hopelessness to empowerment!



Meseret Kristos /

Prior to becoming a sponsored family through Mission 1:27, Emebet was in big trouble and trying to care for her two children. Her husband had abandoned their family and she had no where to live, no extra clothing and nothing to feed her son and daughter.

Mission 1:27's IGA program completely changed life for this family. Emebet is financially independent and can care for her children because of the income her small business provides. 


Meseret Kristos /

When Yemsrach decided to follow Jesus, her husband left her to care for their son. He said he would only come back if she denied Jesus and Yemsrach said, "then I guess Jesus will be our son's father." She worked in a factory make just enough to pay their rent. 


Sponsorship helped meet Yemsrach's immediate needs and the IGA loan gave her the opportunity to become independent. She is now completely self-sufficient and can care for her family with her successful spice and charcoal business. 


Meseret Kristos /

Seada is another single-mother whose husband left her when she became a Christian. Her children were 6 and 1 1/2 years old and that time. Thanks to sponsorship, Seada was able to feed her children, make rent and send her children to school.

The IGA program gave Seada the opportunity to get business training and to expand her small vegetable business. She graduated from our program and is able to care for her children with a successful business in the marketplace.


other recent graduates:

Birhane /

Bole Bulbula

Birhane has gone from barely getting by  to owning a successful vegetable business.

Alem / 

Bole Bulbula

Alem has gone from working in the pity trade to having her own small vegetable business and financial independence.

Etabez /

Bole Bulbula


Left by her husband when pregnant, Etabez, has worked hard to support her daughter and now runs a successful small business selling goods.


Haile / Shashemene

Haile raises his two children after the death of his wife from AIDS. He now runs his own spice business in Shashemene.




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