We want to empower you to make a difference. Vision Trips are a great way to see first-hand what Mission 1:27 is doing in Ethiopia and why it works! The families in our program have so much to teach us. You may just find that you need them as much as they need you. 

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Judy's Story

Read about how Judy allowed God to move in her life and how He brought her to Ethiopia




Join members of our Leadership Team on our 2020 Fall Vision Trip. You will have the opportunity to meet and spend time with your sponsored family(s) and see how your support is changing lives by preserving and empowering families. 

We will be traveling to several Mission 1:27 project areas to engage with our church partners, visit sponsored families, and experience the rich Ethiopian culture.  This will be a life changing trip for both you and your sponsored family! 

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(includes airfare and all Ethiopia ground fees except $50 entrance Visa and any additional personal expenses)

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$1,000 deposit due April 1st


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Judy's Story

“To be a participant in God’s divine appointment, is there anything greater?”


“I just returned from a trip to Ethiopia, a place that assaults all of your senses.   From the smells, the animals roaming everywhere unattended, the roads that share cars, motorcycles, and carts with donkeys, it’s a place that lets you see a way of life so different from ours.  It’s a place I would never have imagined I would visit. It all started back in November of 2017 when God placed in motion details that I was totally unaware were about to happen.


Back then, I was prompted by the Lord to sell my house and move to a rental which made perfect sense due to the fact that if something had gone wrong in the house, I would have been in debt with no way to pay for repairs. The next thing put in motion was our church trip to Israel/Italy in June 2018. I had missed signing up and would have to wait until the following year for the trip. However, three weeks before the group was to go, someone dropped out due to medical reasons and out of 2500 people I was given the opportunity to go. I had not signed up and was resigned to go next year, but He had put me in the right place at the right time where it was offered to me.  I quickly prayed for I didn’t have much time, hours actually, to let them know if I would go. As I prayed I heard the Lord say, “I have given you this opportunity,” so I went.  If I had not sold my house I would not have had the money for such a trip. God had plans. I had to meet Ethan and Patty Bauer on this specific trip in this specific year.


During the church trip, as we were riding on the bus one day in Italy, Ethan and I struck up this conversation. I told him that the Lord had graciously allowed me to go on this trip because He knew how much I wanted to return to Israel, but the next trip that I would go on I wanted to serve Him. Ethan replied, “Have you ever thought of Ethiopia”?  I said, “Never”, which was true. I had never thought of going to Africa. It definitely was not on my radar. As we were talking, Ethan explained to me what the mission was about, that it was to prevent orphans and enable mothers to keep their children. It struck my heart and my head, and I immediately knew I was going to Ethiopia.  I knew that this was what the Lord had for me to do, and that I could get behind this program.  Because of the house profits, I was able to go on this trip. Oh, isn’t God good at putting all the details together when we don’t even know He is doing it?


Before I left for this trip, I knew in my heart that I would meet my family that I would sponsor. I went to the store and bought a scarf and small baby doll for them. I did not know who it was for but felt prompted by the Holy Spirit. In Ethiopia, in an extremely poor community just outside of the capital city of Addis Ababa, we went out on the first day visiting a church. The children had met us at the bus upon our arrival with bouquets of wild flowers and the women shared coffee and bread with us as a way of honoring us for coming to see them. We heard wonderful stories from the women who are sponsored and how much their lives have changed, but not all of the women that were there had been sponsored. We visited two such homes to meet these precious women as well as hear their stories. My entrance into the first home of one of these women was complete disbelief—people actually live in a place that makes our garages or backyard sheds look like mansions? The complete lack of anything but a crude mattress and a thin sheet for a bed, some pots and pans in a corner, no food anywhere, a ceiling held up by a stick, a door made of corrugated tin, and all in a room the size of a small bedroom. The young woman pricked my heart and when we left I was wondering how we could leave her in her situation?  She was in the first stage of the ministry program and had no sponsor at this point in time.  The good news is someone within our group was able to sponsor her within a couple of days.


The next home which was like the first, was occupied by a woman who was not on the list of people to visit but through a number of “circumstances” was brought to the attention of the pastor of the church along with the leadership of our team. I have never seen such sadness on a person’s face. This woman was at the end of any hope. We found out through our translator that she was going to give her children up the VERY NEXT DAY because she couldn’t feed them nor could she work!  The poor baby was wrapped in a thin blanket.  He was only months old and his sister 3 years old. The 3 year old looked as sad as her mother and the whole situation ripped your heart. As the mother’s story was told, she could not even speak. We learned through another of how her husband had left her when she became pregnant with their second child.  She had no food to feed her children or herself and she could not work because of the baby. If not for her neighbor, who is sponsored and shared her food to keep her alive, I think she and her children might already have starved to death.  My heart broke and I asked if I could take care of this issue today and help this woman keep her children. Our Father was not late, He was just in time! For this reason I went to Ethiopia. The tears were flowing as we saw this miracle happening.  This organization has saved another mother and her children. I went back to the bus and retrieved the gifts I had brought but, as I was giving them to her, I couldn’t speak.  The emotion was overwhelming. I wanted to tell her that God had heard her and how much He loved her but, in the end, all I could do was cry with her and hold her.


I am so humbled that He used me and to see His greatness in loving this woman in Ethiopia who was desperate and crying out to Him. By God’s goodness, He sold my house, sent me to Israel and on to Ethiopia to be there on that day, that very specific day when I was allowed to be the answer to someone’s prayer. What a God we serve who makes all the details of our lives and uses them for His purpose!”—Judy Chatfield





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